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Are you taking proper care of your kitchen hoods?

Why should you have your kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned professionally? You'll reduce the risk of fire. You'll improve your kitchen's airflow. You'll have happier, more productive employees. And most importantly, you'll be setting an example as a professional who puts safety first.

Let Arizona Vent Works maintain your kitchen hoods

You can count on us to restore your greasy, flammable kitchen exhaust hoods to optimal condition. Our technicians are thorough, professional, and make sure to follow all of the proper guidelines. When you're one of our clients, we make sure to cut down your risk of fire — helping you run your restaurant or commercial kitchen without worry.

24 hour hood cleaning services

24 Hour Service

Exclusive Foaming Technology for hood cleaning

Exclusive Foaming Technology

Certified hood cleaning Technicians

Certified Technicians

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning in tempe, AZ

Kitchen Exhaust Fans

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Grease duct cleaning in tempe, AZ

Grease Duct Cleaning

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3-year price warranty — you won't find a better price in Tempe

Results Achieved For Commercial Kitchens in Tempe

Commercial kitchens in Tempe, Chandler, and other nearby areas in Arizona rely on us for their hood cleaning and exhaust cleaning needs. Take a look at what our client was dealing with before we arrived. Fans with so much grease that they could not even work properly! If that looks like the equipment in your kitchen, reach out to us using one of the buttons below. Let us know how we can make your kitchen safer, cleaner, and more productive.

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Grease Hood Filters

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24-hour service for handling emergency cleans

Restore your exhaust hoods to like-new condition

Looking for a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company you can trust?

With each exhaust hood cleaning project, you want to be able to see the difference for yourself. We make sure to document and photograph all of our work so you can see a before and after. Take a look at our hood cleaning project showroom to see examples of hood cleaning projects done for commercial kitchens just like yours.

Don't let flammable substances put your kitchen and staff at risk. We're here to help take care of all your exhaust hood cleaning needs — freeing up your time and giving you one less thing to worry about. Call us today to speak with a friendly member of our staff — or fill out or estimate form and tell us how we can help:

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