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Are you making safety a priority in your kitchen?

There's nothing more dangerous for your property than leaving your kitchen hoods full of grease. Heat, oxygen, fuel, and grease can turn your kitchen into a major flame hazard — which can destroy your property and harm your employees if it's not handled with care. If you're looking to clean your kitchen hoods the right way, we can help.

A safer, cleaner, more professional kitchen

Arizona provides exhaust hood cleaning for kitchens throughout Glendale and Arizona. We take on the toughest hood cleaning challenges and eliminate years of grease stains. When you hire us for our professional process, you can rest assured that your kitchen will ve compliant with safety standards — allowing you to focus on what you do best. Tap on one of the buttons below and tell us what you need cleaned: 

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Recent Glendale Exhaust Hood Cleaning Projects

If you see grease when looking at your kitchen's exhaust fans, vents, or ducts, you're looking at more than just grease — you're looking at a major fire hazard. And to get rid of the hazard completely, it's going to take more than just a spray-on solution and some paper towels. If you're serious about your kitchen's safety, hire the professionals at Arizona Vent Works. We'll clean your hoods thoroughly right back to the bare metal. But don't take it from us... take a look at the photos below to see a before and after of how clean we can make your exhaust hoods! 

exhaust fan intake before cleaning - notice the grease build-upglendale restaurant exhaust hood cleaning project
exhaust fan intake after - no more flammable grease!hood cleaning project in glendale az

We also install the following components:

Grease Containment System

Grease Containment Systems

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits

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Duct Access Door

Duct Access Doors

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Grease Hood Filters

Grease Hood Filters

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Rest Easy With Crystal-Clean Kitchen Hoods

With our hood cleaning service, we eliminate ALL grease from your kitchen exhaust hoods. With certified cleaning professionals and foaming technology, we're proud to be Glendale's preferred kitchen exhaust service. Whether you're looking for a clean or an install, we can help create the perfect environment for your employees. Take a look at a gallery of our exhaust hood cleaning projects to see what we can do for your kitchen.

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